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Sardarji in ATM

 An ATM is considered as a very complicated machine in rural India. There are lot of funny incidents that happen around the ATM. At time when you find sardarjis using an ATM you would feel that this is one of the most complicated machines ever to be made and would wonder as to what is it that would be simple and easy for him.

I was once standing in line at an ATM and there were 2 sardarjis standing in front of me. I could figure out that they were friends from the way they were chatting. But each of them would hide their ATM cards from each other as if that was the most precious thing in life.

This ATM has 2 machines inside and it could accomodate 2 people. I saw both these friends get into the cubicle together. Suddenly they were serious and there was dead silence.

1st Sardar inserted his card into the machine and the 2nd one peeped at him. The moment he entered his pin number, the 2nd sardar screamed with joy and started shouting.

2nd Sardar: I saw it, I saw it. i saw your pin number.
The 1st sardar was stunned. His face went pale and he was loss of breathes.

2nd Sardar: Your pin number is ****

The 1st sardar burst laughing. He said, “Wrong, wrong. You have got it wrong”.

1st Sardar: My pin number is not ****. It is 1278.

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